Church Building Project

In the last few years God has indeed blessed the sacrifice and labors of His people. With steady growth in the church and expanding ministries we are steadily outgrowing our current facility. With no possible way of expanding on our current site; we would need to build a larger, more functional building that will enable us to continue to equip people for ministry and reach people for Christ.

God has given BCW Church the vision for a multi-functional building established on one floor to eliminate handicap accessibility issues. The sanctuary designed for worship and fellowship will accommodate seating for 300+ people (even more counting standing room), will include a raised handicap accessible front stage area with a recessed baptismal pool, multimedia and optimal sound options. The church facility will include classrooms for children, youth and adult ministry. It will include a specially designed nursery and a toddler room properly equipped with the necessary features. It will include a library to be utilized for reading & audio/visual material as well as serve as a meeting room, office space, storage rooms and plenty of restrooms. The foyer will provide a large open space for fellowship and interaction with easily accessible restrooms. The building will also include a kitchen that can be used to serve not only church meals at times but also for community outreach events to eliminate the need to rely on other facilities. The design of the building will allow for recreational activities as well both inside and outside. The building will be surrounded by ample lighted parking and plenty of landscaping for other outdoor activities and events. Each of these features being designed with ministry in mind.

Since early 2010 the church has been involved in the BCW Church Building Project helping to grow and increase funding to help aid the new church facility and as we continue through the planning and processes involved it is great to see God work in different ways; opening doors at times for better opportunities and closing doors at other times to point us in a different direction. With groundbreaking and building scheduled to start in April of 2011 and a projection to hold our first services in the November/December 2011 time frame; the coming months will be both exciting and challenging. This vision has required and will still require a great deal of commitment and sacrifice from all of us. It is clear that nothing great every happened without commitment and sacrifice and just like the investment that Godly men and women made eighty plus years ago is impacting us with current church facility; the investment that we are willing to make for a new church facility will impact people for generations to come.