Young Adult Bible Study

A young adult bible study has been started on Sunday evenings at the church.

For many young adults this point in life is usually very busy and it can often times be quite difficult to spend the necessary time in the bible that we should be spending each week. A weekly bible study might not be enough for the whole week but it is better than nothing if you can’t seem to find the time now. This is a great opportunity to get into the bible and dig a little deeper into different areas and topics and open them up for discussion with like minded people in an open atmosphere.

The bible study is being held on Sunday evening at 5:30PM in the east wing of the church across from the nursery – which can actually be used during the bible study to keep the children entertained. Feel free to bring the children or bring a friend. If you are interested in coming just show up; otherwise if you need more information please contact Steve or Heidi Nyman.