Thank You Carlisle BIC Missions Team

BCW Church extends our deepest heartfelt thanks to each and every individual involved within the Carlisle Brethren In Christ Church Missions Team as well as everyone else involved in the Church Building Project this past week. To see an entire building raised and under roof when the site was nothing more than a large, flat concrete surface exactly one week ago is simply amazing and is nothing short of a miracle.

We thank God for the excellent ministry that the Carlisle Brethren In Christ Church Missions Team is involved in and we pray that God blesses the missions team and their families as well as their church and all of their other ministries. BCW Church is blessed to be on the receiving end of this missions project and we thank all of the wonderful laborers for each and every task performed – big or small. We also thank the missions team for their friendship and fellowship over the past week. The week wouldn’t have been the same without all of the stories told and reflections shared.

The cross seen in the pictures above and below was signed by the members of the Carlisle BIC Missions Team and on Saturday June 18th just a few hours before that last few remaining team members departed; the cross was carried to the top of the roof and was rightfully mounted on the front peak of the church to signify the purpose of the great structure beneath it.