What to Expect

It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit to a church your you are a long time attendee of another church; when you walk through the front doors of Beech Creek Wesleyan Church you will find a friendly and inviting atmosphere with people of all age brackets ready to welcome you in no matter what stage of your life or belief you are in. You won’t be singled out as a visitor but we can’t guarantee that people won’t notice you and approach you to just say “hi”.

We hold a single Sunday morning worship service where you will experience a relaxed atmosphere with different musical selections, multimedia, regular prayer and most importantly biblical messages. Dress as you please – we don’t require you to wear your “Sunday best” but if you want to; we don’t mind that either! During the Sunday morning worship service there is Nursery and Junior church available for kids within respective classrooms.

Whatever your life scenario is we want to welcome you to Beech creek Wesleyan Church and most of all we want to help you grow your relationship with God. We hope to welcome you soon. If you need further information please take a look at our ministry information or even contact us for information you can’t seem to locate.

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