BCW Church Building Project

Last Sunday evening a congregational meeting was held at the church for both members and regular attendees to come and take part in this stage of BCW Church Building Project. The meeting included an overview of the currently proposed floor plan layout of the new church facility, a questions and comments session for anything that anyone was interested or wanted clarification on and finally a vote to move on with the current plans and to also continue on with our current construction management company. The latest building plans were available for all to see and looking over the plans it is a great thought to think about the amount of further ministry that could be accomplished with the space and features of the facility that will be available when complete. For what seemed like such a distant dream only about a year ago and now to see the reality of God’s design laid out on the table on paper it is very exciting to think about the events that will be occurring over the next months of this year. Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues in design and starts in ground breaking in the very near future.

For more information on the BCW Church Building Project visit the Church Building Project page.

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