Project Update: September 2011

The event that took place in June with the Carlisle BIC Church missions team provided us a huge leap in progress but that was accomplished with many hands focused on specific objectives. Over the last three months there have been fewer hands around the construction site but things have progressed at a steady pace with many different parties involved. There have been congregation works days to try and take care of tasks big and small and numerous contractors in and out of the facility taking care of their own specialized tasks. At the end of September there are shingles on the roof, the exterior has siding & stucco completed, the entrance way stone work is completed and all of the outside doors and windows are installed. On the inside the rough electrical wiring has been mostly completed, communications wiring has been run, rough plumbing has been installed, HVAC units are in place outside and the inside duct work is nearing completion, the stage in the sanctuary is being constructed, the walls have insulation installed and the biggest change of all – the walls are now covered with drywall and are ready to be painted! With the walls covered it is exciting to be able to actually visualize the layout of the different rooms and how each one will serve its purpose within the building.

With the season soon changing and colder weather on it’s way we are pushing to get electric service to the building but have been struggling with roadblocks from the power company. To this point the building has been constructed using a tap from very generous neighbors home electric service and a few gasoline generators here and there when necessary. With fluorescent lights strung about wherever people are working and hundreds of yards of extension cords going in every direction it does get a little crazy at times when you are struck with the task of plugging something in or unplugging something. We are praying for God to work out this situation and provide some resolution to the electric service issues we are facing.

Although a lot of the items listed above are big steps of completion in the project there is still a lot of work to be done on the inside in a lot of different areas and we continue to pray for God’s direction in this whole process through each step of the way. Even with the amount of work that needs to be done yet it is still looking like we are pretty close to being on schedule for a November/December occupancy at this point but only time will tell!

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