Project Update: November 2011

Work throughout the new church facility has progressed more and more each day but seeing how we are at the end of November it appears that we will be overshooting our original completion date of late November or early December. Over the last two months the final touches were put on the drywall, the many door frames around the building have been installed and the walls were primed and painted for the first time. Windows have been trimmed and had a coat of polyurethane applied.The installation of the final pieces of the sprinkler system as well as initial testing was completed, HVAC duct lines were completed and with that concluding the work above the ceiling seemed to be finished. After that the ceiling tile grid and the ceiling tiles themselves were being cut and put into place. Once the ceiling tiles were in place it was time to move on to a few weeks of finishing up all of the remaining electrical installation regarding mounting light fixtures and all of the other lights, switches and receptacles – and just in time it seemed because soon after that we finally had electric service installed and had power to the building! Amen!

Things are definitely continuing to shape into something much larger but there are still a lot of little items to be completed as well as a few large items such as getting water service and getting natural gas service for the permanent heating system. We continue to pray for items such as these to come in a timely manner and we pray especially to allow some final pieces to fall into place as we push towards the finish line of the building project.

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