Project Update: May 2011

Spring started out with lots of rain around the area and when church property is in a somewhat low-lying area the abundance of rain tends to create some soggy ground. However; after a few days of prayers we received some much needed sunshine to help dry out the land – and just in time it seemed. A groundbreaking service was held on the new church property on Sunday May 8th dedicating the land to the future good works of the Lord and although a few permits took a little longer than expected God worked out all the details and allowed for construction to get underway towards the end of the month. Clearing the land to prep for site work consisting of pouring and laying concrete and block footers are the next items at task along with getting all of the plumbing pipework and electrical conduits in the ground and set into place before the concrete foundation can be poured into place. This is the foundation of something much more than just a building and the steps that go into it are one of the most important ones of all. If there isn’t a good plan in place at this point it can lead to many problems down the road but with the expertise we have working within the project both on the ground and in Heaven above things will come out just right!

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