Project Update: June 2011

Though just over a months time it seems that things are progressing at an amazing pace. On Sunday June 12th we held our very first service on the freshly poured foundation of the new church for a worship service welcoming a very special group of individuals from the Carlisle Brethren and Christ Church that were here to take on the incredible task of raising the church walls and getting the building under roof within one week of work. Well amazing things can happen when you are doing work for an amazing God and the task that the group from Carlisle came to accomplish was done and that brought the BCW Church Building project to a very visible reality. It’s hard to imagine going from moving raw earth in a field a few weeks ago to now standing in front of a very large structure of a building having a foundation of concrete and seeing the steel frames, stud walls and a roof over our heads. This was indeed a huge step in the grand scheme of things and with continued prayers of direction, ability to accomplish tasks at hand and good weather to help – there is no doubt that we will keep moving along!

Most of the Carlisle BIC Church missions team departed on the weekend of the 18th but some of the group did stay into the next week helping to get interior walls for the different rooms of the church framed in and put into place and with a few congregation work days the floor plan of the church was really starting to take shape.

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