Project Update: February 2012

The electricity is on, the water is on and the heat is on! We have carpet on the floors and the final touches are being applied throughout the building. At the beginning of the month we received a delivery of 300 chairs for the sanctuary seating and got them setup and arranged accordingly. We are still waiting on a few final pieces of the puzzle for the audio/visual equipment in order to get that set up and tuned in correctly but things are looking & sounding great already. After three months of initiating service with Comcast we were down to the wire on actually getting our service installed and it seemed we had one last hurdle to get over – we needed to have phone service installed and working in order for the fire system to be fully tested and pass as part of the final building inspection. As a result of a lot of phone calls & scheduling changes with Comcast and most of all answered prayer; the Comcast installation of phone and internet was finally completed on February 9th – just four days before our final inspection.

This month marks a huge place in the history of the Beech Creek Wesleyan Church as we worked to wrap up all the final little details and prepare for our final inspection in order to obtain an occupancy permit to actually occupy the building. On Monday February 13th our final building inspection occurred and we were awarded our occupancy permit! Halleluiah! On Sunday February 19th we will be holding our very first Sunday morning worship service in our new facility!

We still have some things to take care of throughout the building such as furnishings, equipment & supplies for the classrooms and nursery, some furnishings for the foyer area and finally kitchen appliances & equipment to fill that currently empty space but these items will get completed here and there as the budget allows in the short term future. Also, come warmer weather the outside landscaping, parking lot pavement and additional lighting will get completed as well. For now we are in the building and we are ready to start utilizing its features to help prepare future generations to come to know Christ. Come join us if you can!

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